The Endorphin Sports concept was born from a dream! One morning, Philippe Beauregard-Totaro, the entrepreneur behind the company woke up with the concept of tailor-made sportswear in mind. This night-time dream quietly turned into an entrepreneurial dream. After several hours, several months, of research and reflections, the concept was refined and brought back to a field he is passionate about, the world of cycling and triathlon. (Endorphin Cycling & Triathlon)

Cycling and triathlon came on Philippe’s road by his constant search for personal achievement. An avid golfer and skier from a very young age, it is to celebrate his 30th birthday that the goal of doing an Ironman 70.3 arrived. He challenged his father, Mario Totaro, to follow him and thus improve their physical condition and get out of their comfort zone.

During this wonderful adventure, an event completely changed their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Mario was diagnosed in 2015 with a very aggressive brain cancer. Despite his spectacular battle and exceptional courage, the disease took over. He passed away on June 28, 2017.

Endorphin Sports was created and is entirely dedicated to his memory. You can see in the logo the presence of an M for Mario. This is also why we launched the La bougeotte Mario Totaro Fund, in his memory and for each medical garment sold, we donate $2 to this charitable fund whose goal is to get young people moving.

A second division was created, Endorphin Medical. This division was created to meet a critical need during the first phase of Covid-19 lockdown in March 2020. As companies were closed and there was an urgent need for medical garments, we were asked to start producing them. Which we did to help all healthcare workers. It started with surgical hats, but we soon had to add products because the need was so huge (uniforms, masks, etc.). We decided to take the concept a step further and apply the Endorphin recipe to our medical apparel. We now have a complete line of specialized uniforms for healthcare workers. (Endorphin Medical)

Philippe then made the decision to realize another dream! To work in the wonderful world of golf, a return to his roots. Philippe’s first toy was a golf club, bought by his father before he was born! At that time, children’s clubs didn’t exist, so Mario made a driver with a wooden head and a leather grip! Philippe grew up on the fairways of the Rosemere Golf Club, and we can’t count the number of games he played with Mario, always on the first tee at 7 a.m. Endorphine Golf is therefore the logical and natural progression of the company’s development. (Endorphin Golf)


The Business

We make sportswear and medical apparel, here locally in Quebec, so comfortable and high-performance that you’ll forget about it, so you can better focus on what’s most important to you.

We believe that you deserve the best. That’s why we develop clothing that will allow you to maximize your comfort.

Our products are not reserved for the elite, in fact, every person can benefit from them and will see the difference.